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Patty Ruffner's Riding School in Burke, Virginia, advertised in the Fairfax Times Herald, June 8, 1956. The advertisement read: "PATTY'S RIDING SCHOOL Near Fairfax at Burke Offers Lessons In Riding and Jumping. Lessons: 6 1-Hour - 12.00. Trail…

Lee Highway Drive-in Movie Theater, Merrifield, Virginia, circa 1950. The movie theater was an entertainment center for families, since parents could take children along in the car.

The Annandale Dreadnaughts, founded in 1940, played teams from other areas and attracted up to 500 fans at games. The team would "pass the hat" to help pay for uniforms and equipment. Baseball scouts occasionally came to check out local players.

Sweetheart Dance in the Fairfax High School cafeteria, February 1954