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Irv Denton moved to Annandale in 1967. He discusses Annandale's history, development and notable people from 1685 to the present day.

Aubrey Chason's family moved to Annandale in 1931 when he was three years old. He remembers childhood activities, going to school, the area's rural character before development, the home front in World War II, and working for local companies. …

Edward Carr took over his father's development firm,
a major corporation in Northern Virginia. He describes the acquisition, planning, development, and home building which his family initiated in the district.

The Honorable Sharon Bulova represents the Braddock District on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, serving as Vice Chairman. Sharon Bulova initiated "A Look Back at Braddock" and speaks about her goals and her life in the county since 1966.

Dale Adler grew up on a ten-acre farm just off Braddock Road. Despite her father's lengthy absences as a photographer, the family raised their own produce as well as beef cattle. She recalls her school experiences and the beginning of subdivision…

Long-time residents recall the one-lane bridge over the railroad tracks on Rolling Road as a place avoided by school buses and where cars stopped and drivers took turns crossing.

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A 1911 Buick stalled on a muddy road near Fairfax, Virginia, circa 1920.