Map: Braddock's Historic Sites

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Map: Braddock's Historic Sites


This map locates historic sites in the Braddock area from the eighteenth century to the present time.

Not all locations are geographically exact. Some, like the 1941 forest fire, are based on the best information available from oral interviews and newspaper accounts. Compound names, like Original Burke School / Whiteoaks, indicate different uses or events which occurred at that location over time. The map locates the following sites:
1. Rebel Hill
2. Signal Hill
3. Proposed Burke Airport
4. Hunting Preserve
5. Bunny Man Incidents
6. German POW Camp
7. Howery (Howrey) Field
8. Gooding's Tavern
9. Price's Ordinary
10. Burke General Store
11. Marshall's Store
12. Burke Post Office
13. Turnpike Tollhouse
14. Copperthite Race Track
15. Courthouse Market
16. Padgett's Tavern
17. Burke Fire Department
18. Burke Family Cemetery
19. Marshall Family Cemetery
20. Brimstone Hill
21. Oak Hill
22. Ossian Hall
23. Ravensworth Mansion
24. Silas Burke House
25. Ashford House
26. King's Grant / Patty's Riding Stable
27. Good-Wates Property
28. Greenfield
29. Aspen Grove
30. Holly Hill
31. John Marshall House
32. Stafford Landing
33. Boxhill Farm
34. Hirst House
35. Green Spring Farm
36. Ashford School
37. Original Burke School / Whiteoaks
38. Bell Aire School
39. Jerusalem Baptist Church
40. Burke Station / Burke Methodist Church / Train Wreck site
41. Wakefield Chapel
42. Church of the Good Shepherd
43. Little Zion Baptist
44. Annandale United Methodist Church
45. Saint Mary of Sorrows Church
46. Annandale Early Business District
47. Community of Ilda
48. Springfield Station
49. Fairfax Station
50. Accotink Railroad Bridge
51. Rolling Road Trestle Bridge
52. Fairfax Station Trestle Bridge
53. Norfolk Southern Railroad
54. Manassas Gap Railroad
55. 1941 Forest Fire Approximate Burn Area


From the book Braddock's True Gold: 20th Century Life in the Heart of Fairfax County by Marion Meany and Mary Lipsey; map prepared by George Mason University Department of Geography GIS Center of Excellence.


Copyright 2006 County of Fairfax. All rights reserved.