Braddock District in the Civil War

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Braddock District in the Civil War


During the Civil War, the area now considered the Braddock District lay between northern and southern strongholds intersected by critical railroad lines. This map shows points of conflict between the Washington, DC, and Alexandria area, extending west to Centreville and Manassas.

Charles K. Gailey's article "Braddock District in the Civil War" explains the geography of battles in the area and tells how to locate additional information. He is a member of the Fairfax County Archaeological Services of the Park Authority.

The map is a portion of an 1862 map compiled in the Topographical Engineers Office in the Division Headquarters of General Irvin McDowell, an officer in the Union army, a leader of early battles in Manassas.


Map of N. Eastern Virginia and vicinity of Washington provided by Fairfax County Public Library, Virginia Room