Engraving: Civil War Action Near Fairfax

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Engraving: Civil War Action Near Fairfax


This engraving appeared in the August 17, 1861 edition of The Illustrated London News. The caption reads: "The Civil War in America: Carolinian pickets flying before the advance of the Federal troops on Fairfax.--From a sketch by our special artist." A statement referring to the sketch in the same edition reads: "The advance of the Federal troops on Fairfax was so rapid that the pickets thrown out by the Confederate army on an obstructed road which the Federals avoided were nearly cut off. They fled precipitately over the obstacles intended to stay the progress of the Unionists. An Illustration of this scene is given on the next page." It may report on operations leading to the First Battle of Manassas/Bull Run that had occurred a month earlier, when Federal troops advanced through Fairfax to Centreville and Manassas via several roads, including Little River Turnpike and Braddock Road. Earlier skirmishing between Federal and Confederate units had occurred in Fairfax in June 1861.


Courtesy John Browne