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e-book: Braddock's True Gold: 20th Century Life in the Heart of Fairfax County

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A Look Back at Braddock

History and memory are intertwined. A Look Back at Braddock District is a local history, the story of a rural region in the heart of Fairfax County, Virginia, transformed over time into a sprawling suburb of Washington, DC. The memories of more than 50 Northern Virginia residents are captured in oral histories. Photographs, documents, maps and artifacts amplify these personal experiences and document growth and change in the area.

Braddock is one of nine magisterial districts in Fairfax County, Virginia. During the twentieth century, housing developments and highways overtook fields and one-lane roads. Educational complexes overgrew three-room schoolhouses, and shopping centers and malls replaced general stores.

Residents of Braddock District shaped the changes in their lives; their memories shape the history of their communities.