Animation (narrated): Growth and Development in Braddock District, 1940 to 2004

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Animation (narrated): Growth and Development in Braddock District, 1940 to 2004


Growth and shifts in population and suburban development in Fairfax County are driving forces in the creation and continuing evolution of Braddock District.

The narrated animation traces the district's creation and several border changes, and the spread of development within Braddock District from 1940 to 2004.

The analysis was developed from the county's tax assessment database. Because the database contains only existing properties, extinct properties such as Ossian Hall, which was demolished in 1959 to clear the way for building new homes, do not appear in the years when they still existed.

Transcript of narration: Braddock District, Fairfax County, Virginia, is in the Washington, DC Metro Area - one of nine Fairfax County supervisory districts. A Look Back At Braddock tells the history of the area within the district's changing borders. Established in 1968, Braddock's boundaries have altered four times, as the county rebalanced population among all districts, after each 10-year federal census. A major chapter in Braddock's history was the rapid change from farms and small villages to a densely populated suburban community. Starting in the 1940s, during World War II, developers built subdivisions on the district's eastern edge, near Annandale, to house families of the expanding federal workforce. About 1960, the pace of development accelerated dramatically, when the new Capital Beltway opened access to areas farther west. By 1985, Braddock District was nearly filled with homes, schools, parks and commercial centers. And by 2004, the few remaining isolated parcels had also been developed. The map shows residential development in orange; commercial-industrial is blue; education and other public facilities are black.


Source: Animated map developed by A Look Back At Braddock volunteer and GIS specialist John Codd from source data provided Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration